Ace Editor for Monstra Admin plugin now on github

16 Apr 2015 / MonstraHost

Ace Editor from for Monstra Admin

We've put together a plugin that will help you edit your theme files in the Monstra admin panel using Ace, a code editor implemented in javascript and made freely available by Cloud9

Learn more at

Ace Editor for Monstra

Monstra Hosting platform open for beta testing

22 Nov 2014 / MonstraHost

We're very pleased to announce that we've opened our hosting platform to beta testers.

MonstraHost hosting is built on Apache web server with NGINX caching static assets for superfast response times. Moreover, we're using php 5.6 with its improvements to SSL/TLS and Google's mod_pagespeed is enabled for apache by default (you can disable it in .htaccess if you like).

General administration is handled by the lightweight Vesta Control Panel.

MonstraHost Slider now available for download

20 Nov 2014 / MonstraHost

MonstraHost Slider

MonstraHost slider is a simple, responsive jQuery image slider for the open source cms Monstra

This plugin is available on GitHub.

Shop Plugin for Monstra (alpha) released for feedback

10 Oct 2014 / MonstraHost

We're happy to announce availability of a small project, our Shop plugin for Monstra CMS.

The plugin is mostly functional, but we invite feedback about how to make it better.

The plugin is available on github:

A frontend demo is available on this site at"

screenshot of monstra shop plugin with minicart.js



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