Hosting optimized for Monstra CMS

  • Monstra Pre-installed
  • Apache 2
  • NGINX Frontload Caching
  • php 5.6
  • Multibyte Strings
  • SimpleXML
  • VestaCP™
  • SSL with SNI enabled

Built for Monstra

We're bringing superfast, super stable, Apache + NGINX hosting built just for Monstra!

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Shop Plugin for Monstra (alpha) released for feedback

10 Oct 2014 / MonstraHost

We're happy to announce availability of a small project, our Shop plugin for Monstra CMS.

The plugin is mostly functional, but we invite feedback about how to make it better.

The plugin is available on github:

A frontend demo is available on this site at"

screenshot of monstra shop plugin with minicart.js

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